Friday, August 1, 2008

Back from Holyoke: Mission Accomplished

We've all finally returned from a long two days in Holyoke, where the Navs did what they had to do. Taking one game yesterday from Holyoke and winning today's contest against Torrington permitted North Shore to obtain the #2 seed in the Northern Division playoffs.

We apologize for the lack of coverage of the past couple days. There was only one Internet cord at McKenzie Stadium in Holyoke, which was occupied most of the time by Blue Sox employees. We would like to thank them for letting us post yesterday's game stories today before the game versus Torrington.

Check back tomorrow for the Torrington game story, as well as informal reactions from the tail end game with the Blue Sox. Believe me when I say, Thursday's game against the Blue Sox had some of the craziest baseball scenes I've ever witnessed in person (i.e. 6'5 set-up pitcher Chris Kowalski played two different infield positions, neither one being pitcher)


Game 1 (Sat. August 2)

#3 Keene Swamp Bats (24-17) @ #2 North Shore Navigators (26-16)
6:30 PM, Fraser Field (Lynn, MA)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the coverage, Joe. :)
Dave D.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for bringing us up to date -we REALLY appreciate you guys doing all these stories and the blog.
And we when have shown are frustration – forgive us.

FYI-I had no idea that you guys stayed in Holyoke the past two days until I read someone blog from yesterday. Everyone must be extremely tired from this road trip.

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