Saturday, July 19, 2008

Q+A with Peabody's Mike Gallo

After a few battles with the Blue Screen of Death, my computer is back in commission, just in time to post this Q+A session with local favorite Mike Gallo. Gallo chatted about his Fraser memories, becoming a true southern boy after a year in Florida, and hometown baseball heroes.


Did you play at Fraser at all as a kid, or in high school?

I played here in the 2005 Agganis All-Star game nd won the MVP award. It was a real thrill.

What’s it like for a guy from the North Shore to play here, in front of all these local fans?

It’s unbelievable. I’m so glad to have this opportunity. To play here as a local guy just makes it that much better.

You played for Lake City (FL) Community College and are now on your way to Milligan in Tennessee. What brought you to those schools?

Scouts in the area told me to go down to Lake City. I went down there for a year and it was a lot of fun.

What was that experience like?

Florida is different. The Southern hospitality is unbelievable. I just had to get used to the lingo – the y’alls and everything. But it got me ready to talk to the southern boys here, Belch and Zurch.

What is your best pitch?

Probably my curveball, this year.

Is there one aspect of your game that you think needs the most improvement?

There’s always room for improvement in everything. I just want to get better everyday. The one thing I really want to improve is my walk-to-strikeout ratio.

Who are some of your funniest teammates?

I’m just going to have to go with Kowalski on this one. The guy is a nut. A real nut.

What’s in your CD or MP3 player right now?

Nothin’ but Kenny Chesney.

Favorite female celebrity?

She’s not a celebrity yet, but my girlfriend.

Aw, isn’t that nice. Coke or Pepsi?

I don’t drink soda, but I love that southern sweet tea.

Sweet tea? Kenny Chesney? You really liked your experience down south, huh?

Oh absolutely – gotta love it.

Favorite sport other than baseball?

Gotta be golf. I played in high school.

[As it turns out, Mike and I played against each other in high school, as I was on Revere’s team at the same time. Small world!]

Do you model your pitching style after anyone?

My pitching role model would have to be hometown hero Josh Beckett.

If you could have dinner with any three people in the world, who would they be?

Probably my girlfriend, my mother, and Ted Williams.

Do you have a car, and if so, what kind of car?

I used to have a ’99 Ford Ranger, but I totaled it. Right now I’m driving my mom’s minivan.

If you had unlimited funds and could buy any car, what would you buy?

A really sweet matchbox car.



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