Monday, July 21, 2008


Well, I'm emotionally drained... how about you? The players and coaches all seem very pumped up - yet very tired at the same time.

I just returned from the field with a bushel of quotes from a players and coaches about tonight's thrilling 14 inning victory over Keene. "Version 1" of the Game Story will be without quotes since we all really need to get out of here. But once we get home, we'll update it with lots of player & coach reactions.

It turns out that from my position on press row, I missed what turned out to be the key moment of the game. After Provencher's close steal of second base, Keene 1B Paul Karmas had some choice words for the umpire. He got tossed, forcing LF Grovatt to move to first base, and putting backup catcher Franco Valdes in left field.

Naturally, Costello lined the first pitch to left field - and Valdes missed it, finally ending an amazing game.

The other breaking story I got from the field was that if the game went to the 15th, Mike Gallo would have been the next guy to come in out of the bullpen.

Stay tuned for the story & quotes. GO NAVS!

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