Thursday, July 3, 2008

Game Quotes - Navigators @ Vermont 7/2

Collected by Zander Kean, Navigators Sports Information Department

Coach Jason Falcon

On the performance of Chris Prescott and the bullpen…

“Well, the confidence wasn’t all there when he hit that first guy on the first pitch. But no, we have a lot of confidence in our bullpen. Honestly, we could put any of those guys at the tail end, it’s just the way we set it up. As good of a win that is, I think we’re starting to see things out of all of our pitchers, not just Chris [Prescott].”

On Wayde Kitchens’ outing…

“I actually wouldn’t say he had to labor, I think that the umpire there just, for both sides. And I never complain about umpires, but [Kitchens] had to throw an extra twenty pitches in one inning because there was all of a sudden no strike zone. I thought he was very effective throughout the game, I think he came out of the shoot really hot. Again, we keep getting quality starts after quality starts and that is what we are looking for and guys keep doing it.”

On having one run-producing inning of offense…

“I think I timely hit would’ve put them away, but every team in this league has got good pitching. That team over there has got as good of pitching as we’re going to see. They ran some arms out there that could definitely do the job.”

On the Navigators defense…

“I would like to say that the defense surprises me, but we’ve got speed and we’ve got quality guys at every position. We’ve got guys on the bench that can come in and do the job the same way. Our defense and pitching seem to be keeping us in the games, but our offense has been doing what they need to, these last couple games the offense has been starting to do some things.”

Third Baseman Kyle Geason

On his improving offensive production after sitting out a year at Univ. of Minnesota

“I’m just trying to feel more comfortable up at the plate, trying to swing at better pitches. That was my problem in my first couple at-bats, I just wasn’t swinging at good pitches. I’ve just been trying to find a couple good ones to swing at, got a couple tonight.”

Utility Infielder/Outfielder Nick Belcher

On the move to designated hitter…

“You’ve still got to take the same approach. You’re not playing in the field, so don’t like the things at the plate get you down. Every at-bats different, so just try and drive a pitch. I got down 0-2 on [the two-RBI single in the third] so I was just trying to put the ball in play from then on. I got a curveball inner-half, got it on the ground and it got through.”

On the various offensive heroes from each night…

“The other night Sean goes four for four and drive in, I think, four or five runs, and that was enough to win. As a team, if you can get five, six guys doing things right one night, you’ve got a chance to win.”

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