Monday, July 7, 2008

Pregame interview with Coach Falcon - 7/7/08

Coach Falcon sat down with me for a few minutes before Monday night's game against Danbury to discuss the roster, the rotation, and the new guys. This interview should also clear up some confusion that I caused regarding the current pitching rotation (my apologies).

JG: The newest member of the team is John Folino, a former Danbury Westerner. What do you expect him to bring to the table?

JF: He's going to get a start tonight for us. We've been running with a six man rotation, and we wanted to get some guys some extra rest. We're going to give Gallo a little bit of a rest. We skipped his spot in the rotation. Same deal with Adams. I'm not 100% sure what Folino will be doing for us, but he's getting a start tonight.

We're playing a lot of games in the next few weeks, and we have some doubleheaders on the schedule, too. He's probably going to be used in that role as well. But who knows - it's all going to depend on how he does, how he feels, and how comfortable he looks out there in the next couple of nights.

JG: We've seen a lot of pitchers get starts for you this year, and we've seen some starters come out of the bullpen as well. Can you talk about where your rotation is at this point in time - is it still a work in progress, or do you have a good idea about what your rotation will be going forward?

JF: Well, nothing is ever set in stone. We wanted to give guys like Gallo and Adams a start off here and there, because they had a long season at school and we wanted to cut down on their innings. Right now we're working with probably seven starters but at some point we'll get back to a five or six man rotation depending on how many games we've got that week. All of the decisions about pitcher use have been more physical than anything else. We're just going to play it by ear.

JG: Herter as well?

JF: Same with Herter. Herter didn't throw many pitches last time, but we gave him an inning to set himself straight. I think he did very well last night, and that's often exactly what pitchers need to get back on the saddle.

JG: Peter Fatse moved on to Holyoke. What do you know about that situation?

JF: He wasn't comfortable here and he lives closer to Holyoke, so it made him much happier to go back there. We wish him the best.

JG: Are you expecting any other additions to the roster, or are these the bullets in your gun as you head forward toward the playoffs?

JF: I've got one more spot available and we've got until the 15th to do something. If we were to pull the trigger, it would probably be for another outfielder, but we haven't made our minds up yet as to what we're going to do.

JG: Is Costello back in the cleanup spot tonight?

JF: Yeah, he's gonna DH for us. He'll probably be in that role for us.

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