Sunday, July 6, 2008

Game Quotes: 7/6

Nick Belcher, DH; 3 RBI

On beating Keene after 3 straight losses against them-

“They’ve beaten us three times, and we’ve been to their place twice, and took a pretty bad loss up there, so that kind of fired us up a little bit. We just wanted to come out here and get a win. Last night in Sanford, we didn’t play all that well, so it was good to play a total team game tonight.”

On capitalizing on Keene’s mistakes in the field (5 errors)-

"We get guys on first who go on first movement. When they can’t handle the ball, that all of a sudden puts runners in scoring position, where they can score on fly balls. That really helps us out.”

On being successful against Bierman –

“Same as I always try to do, I tried to get a pitch and drive it. His curveball was pretty good tonight, but I just tried to get a good pitch that I could handle and put a good swing on it.”

On recovering from early season struggles

“It was nice. I’m not discouraged. I’ve been hitting the ball pretty good, but that’s how baseball works – sometimes, you hit the ball right at people, sometimes your hits fall in. They fell in for me tonight.”

Kent Graham, 1B: 2 run home run in the 6th

On hitting his first home run of the year –

“It felt great. I’ve been struggling, but I feel like tonight was a good stepping stone moving forward. It was nice to just get a win tonight – we really needed it.”

On beating the first place team –

“[Losing three times to Keene] definitely gave us extra motivation going into tonight’s game. We really wanted to come out today and prove something, and our pitching staff did an unbelievable job.”

On Matt Costello, winning pitcher-

“He’s awesome. He’s stepped right in. He’s hitting fourth in our lineup when he’s not pitching one hitters. We’re really glad to have him, and we’ll need him down the stretch.”

Coach Jason Falcon

On Matt Costello –

“He’s new, and we’re still learning him – I didn’t know he had this in him. We’re excited about the fact that he gives us another option - he’s another bullet in that pitching staff.”

On the team’s overall performance –

“I’m excited about how we played as a team tonight – it was a total team effort. We did a lot of little things that may not show up in their minds, but were definitely important things for me to remember.”

On Costello giving seven innings –

“I asked him for five. He and I didn’t speak too much before the game, but you could tell by watching him operate that he wasn’t coming out unless he wasn’t doing well. We’re excited to have him as part of our rotation.”

On the top of the order –

“Little did a great job of getting himself on base and moving himself. That’s what his role is – to get on base any way he can, then get into scoring position without us having to sacrifice bunt every time. And when he gets into scoring position, he gives… all those other guys a lot of options, a lot of different ways to bring him home.”

On capitalizing on Keene’s mistakes-

“My thinking has always been that you want to establish a lead early, because it’s really hard to make comebacks in this league. I wanted those 4th, 5th, and 6th runs – we were going to continue to put pressure on them and try to make them make mistakes.”

On finally beating the Swamp Bats-

“The motivation was to play them on a real field. They hit some real shots on us last time, but when you can get four bases on a double, that’s a real advantage to them. Yeah, the park was the same for both teams, but we don’t play that style of ball – we are a run and gun team, we like to hit the gaps. But it was good to beat this team – they’re one of the best teams, if not the best team in the league.”

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