Sunday, July 13, 2008

All-Star teams to be announced tomorrow

The 2008 NECBL All Stars will be announced tomorrow, in advance of next Sunday's All-Star game in Torrington, CT. Who do you think deserves to make the cut from the Navs?

Feel free to share your opinions here, and check back tomorrow to see who made it.


Joe Grav said...

My picks -

McNaughton is an obvious choice

Markovitz and Prescott definitely deserve bids, but I'm not sure if they'll take two from the same bullpen. Krull has also been fantastic.

Provencher - same deal - will they take two guys from the same outfield?

Two of Lisowski/Kitchens/Gallo

Kuehl deserves a spot on the squad, but Matt Nandin of Sanford will almost definitely be the starter at 2nd base for the North

There are a few other guys who deserve consideration as well... the whole team has been pretty solid, really. It's just going to be tough because all of the best teams are in the North.

Anonymous said...

How are the allstars selected?

Joe Grav said...

I'm not sure. I will ask Phil Rosenfield and get that answer for you ASAP. All I know is that we had nothing to do with it. :)

Anonymous said...

How are all-stars selected? Who does the selecting? Is the process based upon stats? Are all players considered or just those in their last year of eligibility for NECBL status? Do all get same weight or are votes influenced based upon Divisional schools attending (D1, D2, D3 or community College)? Do scouts affect selections or have input? Or is it up to players, coaches, owners or NECBL officials to vote? What is the process?

Joe Grav said...

According to Phil, the six managers from the Northern Division get together and select the North's team, while the Southern Division's managers select their team.

Every NECBL player is eligible to be selected.

We should have the list of Navigators on the All-Star team up by the end of the night.

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