Saturday, July 26, 2008

Navs drop a tight one in Keene

The Navigators lost game one of today's day-night, two-state doubleheader, 6-5, to the Keene Swamp Bats. The team bus should be arriving here at Fraser Field in the next twenty minutes as the team prepares to take on the Vermont Mountaineers tonight at 6.

3:54 PM - The team has arrived at Fraser and the field is now being prepared for batting practice.

4:48 PM - Uh oh... the Vermont Mountaineers aren't here yet and it's only 77 minutes until game time.

5:07 PM - The Mountaineers have arrived.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Joe Grav. I just signed on to get the start time for tonight and I am happy to read that they are there and there will be a game. See you at the park! :)
Dave D. :)

Anonymous said...

Joe - give us a little info about the first game this morning ... the box score info still isn't up.

Joe Grav said...

I'm waiting on the info just as you are. All I know is that the Navs lost 6-5 and DiCato started. Understandably, they didn't really feel like chatting with Mr. Media Guy after coming back from Keene. They're getting ready for the game now...

Joe Grav said...

but when we get quotes post-game, we will get quotes about Game 1 as well

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