Monday, July 21, 2008

LIVE: Navs, Keene battle into the night

North Shore Navigators (20-10, 2nd place, .5 GB) vs.
Keene Swamp Bats (20-11, 3rd place, 1 GB)

Wayde Kitchens (1-1, 1.52 ERA, .245 OAVG)
Tommy Meagher (1-1, 3.78 ERA, .190 OAVG)

KEE 0 0 0 / 0 0 1 / 0 0 0 / 0 0 0 / 0 0 - 1 8 1
NSR 0 0 0 / 0 1 0 / 0 0 0 / 0 0 0 / 0 1 - 2 13 2


11:38 PM: Now pitching, Sean Bierman, a lefty. He started against us earlier this year. This is just his 2nd relief appearance of the year. He has a 3.31 ERA and an opponents average of.........HOLD THE PHONE

11:35 PM: Kolarek is finally pulled from the game after 3 1/3 strong innings of work... no runs allowed so far, but he's responsible for all three guys on base. He gave up 3 hits in his outing.

11:35 PM: They issue the free pass to Kuehl, loading the bases for Costello.

11:33 PM: Folino successfully gets the bunt down! 2nd and 3rd for Kuehl!

11:33 PM: Folino squares to bunt, and drops the first one foul.

11:32 PM: Keene's manager is getting animated with the ump now, for the 2nd time this inning, prolonging an already very long game. ANd now they are having their 3rd mound conference of the inning. There's nobody warming up in the bullpen, and Kolarek is well into his 4th inning of work.

11:31 PM: McNaughton is intentionally walked, bringing up the pitcher's spot, Folino - who will surely be bunting here.

11:27 PM: Provencher steals 2nd on the benefit of yet another close call. Keene's manager is out to argue - he definitely has a case, but it was close. Provy got a good jump and appeared to get under the tag. Winning run in scoring position...

11:25 PM: Provy legs out an infield hit on a VERY close call.

11:23 PM: 2-3-4 guys again: Provy-McNaughton... Kowalski? or a pinch hitter? - update: it looks like John Folino has a bat in the dugout. Apparently the Navs lost the DH slot at some point.

11:22 PM: Chambers pops out to CF. ON TO THE HOME HALF!

11:21 PM: Grovatt singles, making him 2-for-6 with a walk in 7 plate appearances.

11:18 PM: 2 outs, nobody in in the 14th. Now batting, Dan Grovatt.

11:12 PM: Who's up for some more baseball? Little grounds out to first base, and we go to the 14th.

11:10 PM: Zurch grounds one into the hole, the shortstop can't get to it, and the winning run moves up to 3rd! It's now on Justin Little as the Swamp Bats conference at the mound. The Navigator bullpen is quiet, so if we have a 14th inning, it will be Prescott starting it.

11:09 PM: If you left the game earlier while it was tied and are here to check on the final result -- we're still playing!!! 1-1 in the bottom of the 13th, with a runner on 1st and 1 out for the Navs... make that 2 outs, as Pesanello strikes out swinging.

11:08 PM: Belcher with the one-out single!

11:05 PM: Costello leads it off here in the home half of the 13th.

11:02 PM: Prescott throws the inside cheese, clearly a ball, but Macias goes around (seemingly in an attempt to twist out of the way of the pitch). TO THE BOTTOM OF THE THIRTEENTH! If you're not loving this, there's no hope for ya. ;)

11:02 PM: Full count.

11:01 PM: This game unofficially started at 7:11 PM, so we are almost guaranteed to hit the four hour mark.

11:00 PM: Lee walks, loading the bases w/ 2 outs for Jose Macias.

10:59 PM: Petro grounds into a fielder's choice for the second out.

10:54 PM: At'll be all for Kowalski on the night after 2.1 stellar innings. The game is now handed over to All-Star closer Chris Prescott.

10:52 PM: Little makes a nice running grab to retire Trembley for the first out. Navs will now walk Karmas intentionally to set up the double play possibility with Petro up.

10:51 PM: Chambers steals 2nd.

10:50 PM: Kowalski walks leadoff man Evan Chambers.

10:49 PM: We knew this was going to be a critical divisional showdown - and both teams are treating it as such. Very intense game, and very entertaining.

10:47 PM: Kowalski stays out for the 13th. His pitch count is still low, so the Navs are able to get some huge innings out of him here. It looks like Prescott is starting to stretch out in the 'pen.

10:46 PM: Kuehl grounds back to the pitcher - he hustles down the line but the throw just barely beats him. We go to the 13th! Gotta love it.

10:44 PM: Base hit up the middle! Navs' first hit of extra innings.

10:44 PM: Kowalski pinch hits for Graham! Could he seal his own victory with a walkoff homer?

10:43 PM: This is quickly setting the record for longest live-blog ever.

10:42 PM: Here goes - this is the inning to get it done. Provencher, McNaughton, Graham.

10:41 PM: Kowalski strikes out Grovatt looking to end the 12th.

10:39 PM: Two pitches, two outs!

10:38 PM: One pitch, one out in the 12th - McGrew grounds out to first unassisted.

10:37 PM: Well, that was a quick eleventh as Little strikes out looking on an outside fastball. Kowalski is back in for the 12th. This is getting very fun.

10:35 PM: After 2 quick outs, Little is up... time for the first ever walkoff inside-the-park home run?

10:32 PM: Now pitching for Keene: Adam Kolarek (6.14 ERA, .263 OAVG)

10:31 PM: Kowalski fans 2 in a 1-2-3 eleventh. He's got his groove back. Time for 11th inning magic? Pesanello - Zurcher - Little

10:24 PM: And it'll be Chris Kowalski dealin' in the 11th for North Shore.

10:23 PM: Well, this one has taken a dramatic turn. Belcher hits a fly ball to left center, Lee slides and makes the nice grab. Falcon argues that he trapped it, but it did look like a catch from here. To the 11th we go...

10:21 PM: Costello lines one toward the gap in RCF, the hardest hit ball all day. Sets up runners at the corners for Belcher with 2 out. There's a big conference at the mound now -------- but Keene will stay with Wise.

10:19 PM: Kuehl strikes out for the third out of the inning, but the catcher drops it and Kuehl speeds down to first. Let's see if the Navs can make some noise with their extra out.

10:15 PM: McNaughton leads it off for the good guys...

10:13 PM: DID SOMEBODY ORDER A HOUDINI ACT? Karmas hits a hard grounder to 3rd, Belcher throws home for the out there, and Pesanello tosses it down to first to END THE INNING. Time for a walkoff...

10:11 PM: Krull gets a HUGE 3 pitch strikeout of Trembley. 1 out, Karmas up. Navs infield moves back into double-play depth. The corners stay in.

10:10 PM: Navs have the infield in.

10:08 PM: Grovatt drops a bunt, the Navs attempt to force at 2nd base and.... there's nobody at 2nd base... the throw sails into center, and Keene has runners on 2 + 3 with nobody out. Krull is now intentionally walking Chambers to load the bases for Trembley. The Navs will need a Houdini act now.

10:06 PM: Westlake leads off the Keene 10th with a base hit.

10:04 PM: Provencher grounds out, and this extraordinarily long 1-1 game will head to extra innings.

9:58 PM: Provencher will be facing a new pitcher -- #5 James Wise (4.14 ERA, .269 OAVG)

9:57 PM: Little Ks- it's up to Provencher.

9:55 PM: Little - who's already been on base thrice in this game - is up with one out.

9:52 PM: Keene goes down 1-2-3 - it's time for walkoff #2! Zurcher, Little, Provencher due up for the Navs

9:47 PM: Markovitz departs after two innings, giving up just one hit... Coach Falcon hands the game over to Ryan Krull, with Kowalski stretching in the bullpen as a backup plan. Now catching, Frank Pesanello (after John Hill was lifted for pinch-hitter Kyle Geason in the bottom of the 8th)

9:45 PM: Belcher lines one off the pitcher's glove, thrown to 1st for the 2nd out. Geason now pinch hitting for Hill.

9:43 PM: Costello singles, steals 2nd, and reaches 3rd on a throwing error by the catcher... runner on 3rd, 1 out for Belcher.

9:38 PM: Keene puts two on in the 8th but Markovitz gets out of it --- STILL tied at 1

9:26 PM: Scratch that - Kent Graham pinch hits for Garton.

9:24 PM: McNaughton hits one to shallow center, Lee slides to attempt a catch but the ball pops out of his glove, and the Navs have runners at the corners with two outs. Garton is up, with Kuehl on deck.

9:16 PM: Markovitz impresses (as usual), pitches around a 2-out error to put another 'zero' on the scoreboard. Still tied at stretch time.

9:09 PM: McDermott fans Hill to end the inning. Markovitz is now in to pitch for NS - Kitchens leaves after 6 - 1 run, 5 hits, 3 Ks, 2 BB.

9:07 PM: Belcher smokes a double to right-center.

9:03 PM: Sean McDermott (VA Tech) in to pitch for Keene. Meagher pulled after 5 solid innings - 1 run, 5 hits, 5 Ks, 2 walks.

9:02 PM: Kitchens jams Petro, gets him to pop out - ending the top of the 6th.

8:58 PM: Karmas dinks a base hit on the ground to left field, plating Chambers; we have a tie game.

8:44 PM: McNaughton hits a little ground ball to short that is enough to bring home Little from 3rd.

8:40 PM: Little steals 2nd with 1 out... and reaches 3rd on a passed ball

8:37 PM: Little picks up his second bunt single of the game to start the bottom of the 5th.

8:37 PM: Rains are most definitely on their way - it looks like it's raining not far beyond CF

8:35 PM: What an escape by Kitchens! He gets Westlake to ground out to short on a sweet breaking ball, ending the inning. His curveball has been outstanding tonight.

8:31 PM: Kitchens gets McGrew with the high heat. Two down.

8:29 PM: Just as good: he gets Macias to pop out to short. 1 away.

8:28 PM: the Kitchen could use a K here. He has Macias in an 0-2 hole.

8:27 PM: The Swamp Bats have their biggest threat of the night so far, as Petro hits a leadoff double and Lee moves him to 3rd on a single to right. 1st + 3rd, 0 out for Macias.

8:23 PM: 4 hits for the Navs so far, but nothing doing - scoreless through 4 complete. The clouds look very ominous overhead at the moment - but at this pace, we'll have an official game soon.

8:12 PM: Trembley picks up Keene's first hit, but he is swiftly erased on a 5-4-3 double play by Paul Karmas.

8:03 PM: Garton and Kuehl pop out consecutively and Keene gets out of a major jam

8:02 PM: Garton up with one out and the bases loaded

7:55 PM: The Navs have put the first two men on in the bottom of the 3rd (Zurcher bloop single, Little bunt single). Provy is up now

7:44 PM: Meagher sends the Navs down in order. Quick start to this one.

7:38 PM: The Kitchen throws a 1-2-3 second inning.

7:35 PM: Kitchens gives Petro the heat, which absolutely shatters his bat, sending the big piece flying right at two fans in section I. There are no injuries, and there's one out in the inning. Good news all around.

7:32 PM: Kuehl grounds out to end the inning.

7:30 PM: Two out magic - McNaughton walks, Garton singles to left. Kuehl up.

7:25 PM: In response to the commenter: the field is in very good shape, and here are the lineups:
Little CF / Grovatt LF
Prov RF / Chambers DH
McNaughton DH / Trembley 2B
Garton LF / Karmas 1B
Kuehl 2B / Petro C
Costello 1B / Lee CF
Belcher 3B / Macias SS
Hill C / McGrew RF
Zurcher SS / Westlake 3B

7:22 PM: Kitchens allows a walk in the first but otherwise it's smooth sailing for the Big Guy. Scoreless thru 1/2 inning.

7:11 PM: We're underway.

7:05 PM: Welcome to Fraser on a very cool, overcast evening as the 2nd place Navs take on the 3rd place Swamp Bats in a marquee NECBL matchup. We're under a slight delay here as heavy rains at around 4:30 PM held up batting practice and infield practice. It looks like we're probably ten minutes away from first pitch.


Anonymous said...

Do you have the staring line ups??

Is the field real muddy??

Anonymous said...

How did the Navs players do in the All Star Game yesterday?

Anonymous said...

Why has nothing at all been reported about that All-star game yesterday?

Joe Grav said...

Well, we weren't there, and apparently nobody from the league was there either, because there's no game story or box score on the league site yet.

All I know is that the South won, 5-2, and the Twisters have a story about it on their site.

Joe Grav said...

In previous years, they've put up a special stats section about the all-star game under the Results/Stats tab on the NECBL homepage, so keep checking on that. JG

Anonymous said...

WOW!! - and back in the 5th inning it looked like rain. I thought for sure that the game would be postponed. "Keep it tight" HOLD THEM - HIT THE BALL Navs. You've all done GREAT - keep battling

Anonymous said...

How many pitchers are left???

Joe Grav said...

I was thinking the same thing earlier - 'we might get robbed of half the game due to rain, but at least we'll get home early!'

Now we've gotten super bonus baseball, and we're certainly not getting home early :)

Joe Grav said...

Prescott is the last available relief pitcher -- but thanks to the Navs' extended starting rotation, there are a few guys available to make relief outings. I see someone stretching now - I think it's Adams.

Anonymous said...

Was/is there much of a crowd in the park tonight?

Joe Grav said...

The threat of rain scared a bunch of people away, which is too bad - they're missing a heck of a game :)

Overall, attendance has been pretty solid over the past two weeks (highlighted of course by over 2,000 on Dominican night).

Obviously there aren't many hardy souls remaining at this hour.

Joe Grav said...

...but those who are here are REALLY getting into the game. It's a lot of fun.

Anonymous said...

Does Keene have any pitchers left??

How about the NAV's get a walk off HR :) One of them have to be due. Is Costello still in?

Anonymous said...

Never mind about Costello - i went back and saw that he started off the inning.

Joe Grav said...

Keene is on their 3rd bullpen guy, so I'd imagine they still have 2 remaining, assuming they run a 5-man rotation. I don't have an official lineup card that says who's available.

Based on the stats it looks like Cote and Tierney are their remaining bullpen guys.

This has been a well-pitched game, so both teams are in pretty good shape - at least, as good a shape as you can be in in the 14th inning.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like everyone is doing their job tonight. Let's hope that the Nav's get a run across that plate

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the ump's zone is very small. Is he being consistent for both teams?

Joe Grav said...

He is being very consistent, but his strike zone is the smallest of any ump i've seen in this league recently, and it's definitely contributing to the length of this one. (It's long even for a 14 inning game).

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

WAY TO GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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