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UPDATE --- Attention webcast listeners - after some early technical glitches, they have the broadcast working. Listen

DOM 0 0 0 / 0 1 0 / 0 0 3 -- 4 8 0
NSR 0 0 3 / 1 0 0 /4 0 -- 8 12 3

9:14 PM: On the backs of a number of temporary roster players, the North Shore Navigators have topped the Dominican All-Stars, 8-4. It was really nice to have a huge (albeit hostile) crowd on hand at Fraser. It was definitely an odd night, but it wound up being a good one, on the field and off. Let's hope the Navs can carry this momentum with them into Saturday night's game at Lowell.

9:03 PM: Former Sox prospect Luis Soto now bats with a runner on first and two out.

9:02 PM: Jarol Gonzalez lines a 2RBI single to make it 8-4.

8:58 PM: The Dominicans aren't going down without a fight - they have a run in and two men on with 2 outs.

8:54 PM: One out from victory.

8:41 PM: The Navigators are now three outs away from going 2-0 in exhibition play.

8:35 PM: Mike Hickey in for his second inning of work for the Navs.

8:34 PM: Pescucco bounds toward home on a wild pitch, but is thrown out.

8:33 PM: Blydell has a chance to add to his impressive night so far, as he bats here with the bases loaded and two out in the bottom of the 7th.

8:30 PM: Provencher hitsw a pinch hit, 2 RBI double - it's 8-1 Navs. The rout is on.

8:26 PM: Pescucco works a bases-loaded walk to bring home another run, 6-1

8:17 PM: Bruinsma trots home on a wild pitch to make it 5-1.

8:06 PM: Through 6 1/2, it's 4-1 Navs.

8:02 PM: The crowd suddenly got massive right before 8 PM. This place is quite full at the moment. We might be pushing 2,000.

8:01 PM: It's official -I am the worst play by play announcer of all time. ALL TIME! I'm glad that's overwith. I had no idea who the pitcher was, who the third baseman was... I don't think I'll be returning to the booth any time soon. Anyway, the score is still 4-1 here as we go into the top of the 7th.

7:33 PM - I'm on my way into the broadcast booth for a guest inning. After 4 1/2, it's 4-1 Navs.

7:31 PM - Jarol Gonzalez hits a hot shot to third that went off the glove of new 3rd baseman Ryan McCran and into left field... Valerio comes in to score the first Dominican run on the E5

7:19 PM - On a Suchowicz base hit, Kowalski lumbers through a stop sign and on to home plate for North Shore's 4th run.

7:16 PM - Chris Kowalski picks up a base hit here in the bottom of the 4th.

7:09 PM - Richie Piarro in to pitch for North Shore.

7:07 PM - Tower's day is done, and he departs with a 3-0 lead. Now pitching for the Navigators is..... another newbie. Standing by for an announcement.

7:04 PM - Hmm... maybe they should sign up Jason Blydell, too. He lines a 2-run triple over the head of the rightfielder, making it 3-0 North Shore.

7:02 PM - Sign this man up! Jesse Bruinsma lines an RBI single to right to put the Navs on top. Bruinsma also displayed an excellent arm on a throw during the first inning. With the Navs looking for another outfielder to add to the roster before the July 15 roster deadline, could Bruinsma be on the radar screen?

6:59 PM - Attention webcast listeners - after some early technical glitches, they have the broadcast working. I will be joining them in the 6th inning.

6:58 PM - Kyle Geason is into the game batting 10th (?!) and playing short. It looks like they are giving the Navs a chance to get an extra bat into the game. He punches a base hit into right to put runners on first and second with one out.

6:54 PM - Tower is getting into a groove - he works a 1-2-3 3rd and it remains scoreless through 2 1/2.

6:47 PM - Kowalski lined one toward the gap in right center, but the CF (Leonardo Vilorio) came on, dove, and made quite literally the greatest catch I have ever seen in person in my entire life. No exaggeration at all.

6:46 PM - There's been a change in the lineup - Kowalski is DHing and batting 6th.

6:42 PM - Tower has worked through two scoreless innings. Really impressive work so far for the Navs' co-GM.

6:32 PM - The Navs go down in order in the first.

6:26 PM - Tower gets Lora to pop out to third to get out of the inning without giving up a run!

6:25 PM - Tower is fooling these guys with off-speed stuff - he's gotten Alvarez and Valdez to pop out for two huge outs.

6:22 PM - Not good so far - the first three Dominican players have reached to load the bases here with nobody out for Julian Alvarez.

6:15 PM - The Navigators have taken the field. Let's see how this goes for our pal Jason Tower.

6:10 PM - National Anthesm are complete, and we're getting ready for baseball. It looks like owner Phil Rosenfield may be giving a speech before the game.

5:56 PM - Old friend and North Shore Spirit legend Yuri Sanchez is the third base coach for the Dominican team.

5:55 PM - Bad news - this camera isn't compatible with my computer and I can't get photos up in real time. I will make a photo mega-post tomorrow afternoon.

5:53 PM - Intros are underway. The Navs are huddling with Coach Falcon down the third base line.

5:49 PM - It looks like Coach Falcon is using tonight as an opportunity to try out a number of potential new additions to the roster, and give some local players a shot. Tonight's lineup is barely recognizable, featuring only four Navs regulars:
RF - Bruinsma
CF - Blydell
LF - Trent
3B - Belcher
1B - Graham
C - Suchowicz
2B - Pescucco
DH - McCrann
SS - Cowen

SP - Tower

5:40 PM - We're done with the first round of live music. The teams are now stretching out and getting ready to be introduced to the crowd.

5:06 PM - Did I mention that the speakers down the first base line are EXTREMELY powerful? Apparently the volume had to be lowered as the music was shaking the windows in the nearby apartment complex. Pretty cool. There are also four female dancers grooving to the music on top of the each dugout. A good sized crowd is working its way into Fraser Field.

5:05 PM - The Navigators are out taking infield practice. Between the three local players added to the roster for tonight's game, and the additions of co-GMs Matt Judkins and Jason Tower, I can barely recognize our own team out there. This is going to be fun.

5:04 PM - I will be joining the dynamic duo of Joe & Zander in the booth during the 4th inning of tonight's game.

4:49 PM - In another change to the usual order, Sports Info staff members Joe Jasinski and Zander Kean will be handling tonight's live radio broadcast from the booth, so be sure to check them out via webcast!

4:29 PM - I've just been informed that fellow staff member and Eastern Nazarene College player Jason Tower will be tonight's starting pitcher for the Navigators. His co-GM, Matt Judkins, will also get some playing time tonight.

4:27 PM - Elsewhere in the NECBL tonight, the Swamp Bats and Mainers are both in action. Keene is hosting Newport, while Sanford travels to Torrington. If both teams fall tonight, the Navigators move into a three-way tie for first place. I will try to get some updates from those games as teh night goes on.

4:04 PM - It's Dominican Night at Fraser Field, and I'm already feeling festive. This place is loaded with banners, great music is pumping out of some massive loudspeakers, the Dominican team is rocking the ball during batting practice, and by all indications, we are going to have a big crowd for tonight's exhibition between the North Shore Navigators and the Dominican touring team. The live music will be getting underway momentarily, and we'll be here to share photos and stories throughout the evening. First pitch is scheduled for 6:05 PM.

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