Friday, July 25, 2008

LIVE: Sanford downs Navs, ties for first in the division

North Shore Navigators (22-10) vs. Sanford Mainers (22-12)

SAN - Mike Wilson (2-1, 4.67 ERA, .263 OBA)
NSR - Matt Costello (2-0, 0.64 ERA, .109 OBA)

SAN 0 0 0 / 1 0 0 / 3 1 0 - 5 8 1
NSR 0 2 1 / 0 0 0 / 0 0 0 - 3 5 1

9:43 PM: Navs lose, as they go down in order in the 9th.

9:38 PM: Devin Harris strikes out with two on in the 9th. Gallo pitched the 9th - time for a rally.

9:26 PM: Navs go down in order.

9:20 PM: Bottom of the 8th now - let's see if Belcher can get things started.

9:16 PM: D. Harris destroys a Kowalski offering, homering to the deepest part of the ballpark. Wowza.

9:13 PM: Kowalski in to pitch for NS.

9:12 PM: Wilson's line - 6.2 IP, 5 H, 3 BB, 4 K... and three runs, as McNaughton lines out to first.

9:11 PM: Provencher walks - there's two on for McNaughton. How 'bout another triple?

9:10 PM: And he does! He swipes 2nd on the 1-1 pitch. The count is now 2-1 to Provencher.

9:07 PM: You've got to think that with a right handed reliever on the hill, Little will be thinking long and hard about taking off for second base during this at bat. He's 12-for-13 on steals this season.

9:06 PM: Little walks, ending the day for Mike Wilson. In to face Provencher: numero 26, Nick Cenatiempo.

9:05 PM: Two quick outs in the home half of the 7th.

8:58 PM: Heeeeeeee struck him out swinging on a curve in the dirt!!

8:56 PM: Jason gets a huge out, striking out Brian Harris looking. If he can get Hunt here and keep it a one run game, it will be a job well done.

8:55 PM: Markovitz's 1-2 fastball to Hopkins is too far inside and clips him. The hit batsman forces in the go-ahead run - 4-3 Mainers.

8:53 PM: Gregory Hopkins is pinch hitting with the bases loaded and 1 out.

8:52 PM: That closes the book on Costello - he allows 3 runs.

8:51 PM: D'Alfonso grounds it to deep short, Belcher throws to second for one out, but the throw to first is not in time. Sanford ties the game and has runners on the corners with one out.

8:49 PM: Bad to worse - Nandin squibs one down the first base line, Markovitz slips and can't make the play. Bases still loaded and there's a run in - 3-2 Navs.

8:48 PM: Greenberg drops a sac bunt attept to the left of the mound, and beats it out down the line to load the bases. Suddenly the Navs are in a real mess - bases loaded, 1 out. Corners are in, middle infielders back.

8:44 PM: Sanford puts the first two men on (walk, infield hit) in the 7th, spelling the end of Costello's evening. Markovitz comes in out of the pen. Costello's line: 6+ IP, 4 H, (so far) 1 R, 4 BB, 2 K. Not his sharpest outing of the season, but so far, good enough to put the Navs in line for another big win. Let's see if the 'pen can hold the lead.

8:31 PM: Sanford puts two men on again but once again gets Hunt to fly out to left to end the inning.

8:14 PM: Sanford puts runners on the corners with two outs but Provencher makes a diving catch in right to rob Nandin and end the inning.

8:03 PM: Moving briskly along, we head to the 5th with the score 3-1 Navs.

7:58 PM: Brian Harris puts a scare into the crowd with a deep drive toward the wall in left but McNaughton is there to retire the side.

7:56 PM: Joseph is retired on a play at the plate - D'Alfonso grounds it to 3rd, Geason throws tot he plate, and Joseph is retired. Two down.

7:55 PM: Branson Joseph drops an RBI triple over the head of Justin Little in center. 3-1 Navs.

7:51 PM: Tyler Kuehl just absolutely robbed Nandin to lead off the fourth. He ranged to his right, almost all the way to 2nd base, went down and made a stop that would make Tim Thomas proud, set himself, threw to first, and got Nandin in time for the out. WOW.

7:43 PM: Belcher hits a hot shot to third, it takes a hop in the dirt over the head of the third baseman and into left for an RBI single.

7:42 PM: We've got one of the largest and most energetic crowds of the year on hand at Fraser.

7:41 PM: McNaughton with a leadoff triple.

7:39 PM: One-two-three go the Mainers.

7:34 PM: The 2nd inning is over, but not before the Navs put up two on back-to-back jacks.

7:30 PM: Geason walks on four pitches.

7:29 PM: Graham's homer was a close one... but Pesanello just smashed an absolute no-doubter. The outfielders didn't even bother to watch that one sail out. 2-0

7:27 PM: Kent Graham smashes a two out solo homer to left. 1-0!

7:25 PM: Here's what you missed during technical difficulties: Each time got a runner on base but could not bring him home in the first inning. Justin Little led off the home half with a walk but the next three batters (Provencher, McNaughton, and Belcher) all grounded out. Costello pitched a very quick 2nd inning, 1-2-3.

7:10 PM: We're having Blogger technical difficulties. Stay tuned.

7:02 PM: Greenberg strikes out looking, one down.

7:01 PM: He starts it off with a strike.

7:00 PM: Costello is on the hill and ready to go. Let's see how he goes against the lefty-laden Sanford Mainers.

6:51 PM: It's a real scorcher, a nice change of pace after all of that pouring rain.

6:48 PM: We have starting lineups!
Sanford - NS
Greenberg C / Little CF
Nandin 2B / Provencher RF
D'Alfonso DH / McNaughton LF
Joseph CF / Belcher SS
Groth 1B / Kuehl 2B
Harris SS / Garton DH
Hunt 3B / Graham 1B
Harris RF / Pesanello C
Reed LF / Geason 3B

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