Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Holyoke & Post-Season Pitching Rotation

Talking with Coach Falcon after yesterday's double-header, he gave the pitching rotation for the remainder of the regular season (four games in Holyoke today and tomorrow) and the first round of the playoffs. Here is a list of hurlers Falcon will be sending to the hill:

- Game 1: Wayde Kitchens (1-1, 1.51 ERA)
- Game 2: Adam Herter (5-1, 2.68 ERA)

This will give each starter five to six days rest, respectfully, so that "they will be well rested if called upon to start" in the second round of the playoffs, Falcon said.

- Game 1: Mike DiCato (2-3, 6.00 ERA)
- Game 2: TBD [This could be comical. Falcon explained the situation this way..."Could be you, could be you (pointing to reporters), could be me. Everyone should just bring their glove that day, because we just don't know yet for sure what we are going to do."]


Round 1
- Game 1 (8/2): Matt Costello (2-0, 1.80 ERA)
- Game 2 (8/3): John Folino (3-0, 0.45 ERA)
- Game 3 (8/4, if necessary): Jimmy Lisowski* (2-1, 2.33 ERA)

*If the Navigators were to advance to the second round by sweeping the first two games of Round 1, then Lisowski would indeed get the start in Game 1 of the second round, Falcon said.

After Lisowski, it would then go back to Kitchens, and the rotation would revert back to where we stand today.

So, now that we have a picture of who will be on the mound in the upcoming days, how do you see this affecting the Navigators' chances of conquering home field advantage and succeeding in the first round of the playoffs?


Anonymous said...

I think it all depends on the Nav's being able to get some good at bats and bringing in some runs.
You can have your best pitcher out there, but if there are errors behind him and he doesn't get the run support, his performance will not mean much.
And on the same note - the pitcher might not be having his best outting - but the Nav's are hitting and getting runs.

Someone feed the team a nice steak dinner and fill them up with protein.

Anonymous said...

I agree, with the previous comment. Lets get some hitters, and base runners in there even bunts would do. Its getting stale!

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's getting stale - but maybe "burn-out". They have to be tired from all the games and late night bus rides.

But hey - this is what the minor leaguers have to it is a good experience.
This is what separates the "men from boys"

Anonymous said...

OK - they are currently having another "pitching duel". NAV's GET SOME RUNS ACROSS!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Kitchens really showed his stuff today

Anonymous said...

my speakers broke on my computer, what is the score. Any big hits by the navs if so by who?

Anonymous said...

Bottom of 3rd - still 0-0

Pitching duel AGAIN

Anonymous said...

what was the score of the first game? Any highlights? Sorry and thanks

Anonymous said...

Game 1 -
Nav’s win 1-0
We scored the run in the bottom of the 6th. Our bats were silent - we only had 2 hits (from what I remember). We were able to capitalize on the walks by their pitcher.

Kitchens pitched 6 innings and got the win. Prescott came in the top of 7th and got the save. I believe that he faced 5 batters in the 7th and walked one intentionally.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your help!

Anonymous said...

Anyone know the score of the second game??

Anonymous said...

Holyoke won the second 2-1. Keene lost to Torrington tonight, so the Navs are still in second.

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