Tuesday, July 29, 2008

LIVE - Navs vs. Lowell, Game 2 - 7 INNING GAME

LOW 0 0 0 / 0 0 0 / 0 - 0 5 1
NSR 0 0 1 / 0 0 0 / - 1 2 1

8:12 PM: WHIFF! Navs win! Navs win!

8:12 PM: Full count...

8:11 PM: McKenna is the last hope here for Lowell.

8:10 PM: Markovitz whiffs Daniels - two down!

8:08 PM: One out. Daniels is up w/ the bases empty.

8:04 PM: We go to the 7th! Markovitz is still out there to try to finish this one off.

7:57 PM: Lowell puts on the leadoff man, but Markovitz Ks the next three consecutively to end the inning.

7:47 PM: It turns out to be another quick inning - 1-0 Navs thru 5.

7:44 PM: Hill singles to start the inning, and is lifted for pinch runner Mike Provencher.

7:41 PM: One pitch, one out for Markovitz! The inning ends, and after seemingly fifteen minute at the ballpark, the Navs are six outs away from a big victory in their home finale.

7;39 PM: Adams departs after a solid outing. Jason Markovitz comes in out of the 'pen to take on Kevin Rivers.

7:39 PM: Pecora hits a rocket to left but Bruinsma gets a nice jump to track it down. 2 out.

7:36 PM: Lowell puts two on again with one out - let's see if Adams can do another escape act. Nicholas Pecora now bats for Lowell.

7:27 PM: The Navs once again go quietly. It's not been a good offensive day for the team so far - let's hope the pitchers can continue to pick them up.

7:21 PM: And Adams fans Rouches to end the inning. Nice work!

7:20 PM: Adams picks up a big K for the 2nd out. Rouches is up now.

7:18 PM: Lowell puts two on with one out for old friend Dan Coury.

7:14 PM: Bruinsma is picked off of second base to end the inning.

7:13 PM: Navs load the bases, and McNaughton brings home Geason with a deep sac fly to left. 1-0 Navs

7:11 PM: Geason gets hit by a pitch, then Bruinsma drops a bunt and reaches base when the pitcher can't field it cleanly. Two on, one out.

7:07 PM: Lowell puts two on but does not score, and through 2 1/2, we remain tied, 0-0.

7:03 PM: Lowell gets a two-out baserunner as a tough hop hits Belcher right at the bottom of his face. They called it an E6, but it was a tough hop - I think it should be changed to a hit. Belcher was shaken up for a few minutes, but he's up and playing now.

6:57 PM: Cruising right along - scoreless thrtough two.

6:45 PM: Joey Lucier sets the Navs down in the first - we're scoreless.

6:40 PM: Jesse Bruinsma leads it off for the Navs.

6:37 PM: A good first inning for Adams. Lowell 0, Navs coming to bat.

6:33 PM: Navs starter Mike Adams retires Daniels for the first out.

6:32 PM: Joe, Zander & I just returned from a roundtable discussion on LYNNCAM - I hope you enjoyed it! We're getting set for baseball here in game two as Steve Daniels steps in for Lowell.


Anonymous said...

is this game 7 or 9 innings?

Joe Grav said...


Anonymous said...

from what the broadcaster said - it sounds like they are going to keep on going with the same pitching rotation for the playoffs. Do you know if that is correct??

Joe Grav said...

I don't know. I'll try to sit down w/ Falcon and ask some questions about playoff strategy later on this week. For now, I'm sure he's mostly focused on locking up home field.

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