Saturday, August 2, 2008


Matt Costello

“A little tired, for some reason I never feel really good on the day of my start. But I’ve been there before, and I usually start feeling a little better by the fourth or fifth inning.”

- on how he felt tonight

“With certain hitters I was going for the ground ball approach, and with certain hitters I can get in their head and usually get the strikeout and get them to roll over.”

-on his approach that let him get quick innings

“Even though my curveball got slapped around a little bit, I usually don’t have my curveball with me. It’s usually just strictly fastball-changeup, mixing in an occasional slider for an out pitch, but my curveball was there tonight.”

-on his pitch selection tonight

“I’m pretty sure it was my curveball I usually don’t throw it to a righty, especially early in the count, and if I throw it I’m usually going to get it down. I hung a curveball, he sat back on it and slapped it to left.”

-on the pitch that scored the game’s only run

“Better get on ‘em and get on ‘em early.”

-on what the team needs to do in Keene tomorrow

Pitching coach Jim Woods

“Under a pressure situation that we’re in, hopefully we’ll be a little bit light as far as not putting too much pressure on ourselves, because then it becomes more of a problem, too. I don’t know if there was pressure on us, and we felt a little too much pressure tonight. The last few games we haven’t been hitting, maybe we are pressing a little bit because of that. And that could be a holdover, a layover of what we’ve been experiencing offensively so far.”

-general thoughts from the game

“I think maybe that they’re just pressing, especially now that we went into a little bit of a slump. For instance, the other night, we didn’t actually need to win the game and we hit the ball pretty well. Prior to that, when we needed to win ballgames they were all 1-0 wins and 2-1 losses. So maybe we are pressing a little bit and need to come out a little bit more loose tomorrow and get the job done and score some runs.”

-on offensive struggles

“Again he was ahead of the hitters, he changes speed so much it gets guys out on their front foot, and he does such a nice job of doing that. Guys can’t get good swings on him, they really have no idea what’s coming next. And he was able to do that all night long, nine innings. Our first complete game of the year and it was a 1-0 loss, which is just bad. Such a good effort [from him].”

-on Matt Costello’s outing

“We’re going to be seeing a left-hander, and he pitches pretty well, so we’ll probably focus on that type of lineup that we have in different times in the year that we have against a left hander.”

-on if there will be any lineup changes tomorrow

“We generally just go up there, get the matchups that we want and let things fall where they may.”

-on if the lineup will be geared toward Keene’s small park


Anonymous said...

I have observed that baseball is not unlike war, and when you get right down to it, we batters are the heavy artillery.
-- Ty Cobb

Anonymous said...

Nav's - good luck today - we know that you guys are giving it yourrrrr all:)

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