Thursday, May 29, 2008

Lynn Fire Dept, we thank you.

Joe Jasinski, North Shore Navigators Sports Information Department

We had a little scare at the ballpark around 5:30 p.m. yesterday as everyone was closing up shop. An employee of Lynn Cam (who will be streaming video of our home and away games over the Internet) informed us that a pile of mulch was "smoking" beside the concourse at Fraser Field...uh oh. A generous soul decided to "donate" some charcoal to the team, leaving some embers on the mulch along the third base side of the stadium. Is there someone trying to sabotage the Navigators' quest?!

Thankfully, Lynn FD promptly showed up to monitor the situation and assured us that Fraser would still be a-standin' in the mornin'. Thank you to those guys for coming down to help, and we apologize to the firefighter who hurt his ankle while assisting. Let us know if we can get you some tickets for a game, we'd be more than willing to help out!

So Fraser Field prevails, and the Navigators still aim to ship off June 7th...


What to look for later today on the NSN Blog...

Interview with Navigator first baseman Kent Graham, a member of the Trinity College (CT) baseball team who won the NCAA Division III National Championship on Tuesday with a 5-4 win over Johns Hopkins!

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