Thursday, May 29, 2008

Navs News Roundup: May 29, 2008

9 days until opening day!

  • The Navigators will be hosting a baseball clinic in July. Expect a press release about this later in the day.
  • The previously scheduled "Dominican Day" on July 10 is going to be expanded - there will now be a "Latino Baseball Series." I don't know many details about this event just yet, but when we learn more we'll share it with you.
  • It's another exciting day to be at the ballpark. The Comcast and Chick-fil-A logos are now up on the outfield fence and it looks like they're setting up the main concessions tent as well.
  • A personal note of congratulations to the Boston College women's sailing team for winning the national championship, giving new meaning to "Shipping Up to Boston."


Anonymous said...

Do you have more details on Media Day? Date? Time? Open to Public?

Joe J said...

Good questions, I'll be speaking with the owner today, and I'll be sure to ask him those questions. Hopefully it'll be open to the public so anyone who wants a sneak peak of the team will be able to do so. Look back later today and we should have an answer.

Anonymous said...

The Latino series sounds like an idea that could have worked 2 or 3 years ago....

Joe Grav said...

I'm curious as to why you think it wouldn't work now. Feel free to email me if you want to.

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