Sunday, August 3, 2008

Live Updates - Navs @ Keene - Game 2

Well, this is the Navs' first absolute must-win game up here in Keene today. The squad is looking to retake home-field advantage, while staying alive in the NECBL postseason. Game time is set for 5:00 PM.

Last Night's Results

Keene 1, North Shore 0
Vermont 5, Sanford 3
Pittsfield 4, North Adams 3
Newport vs. Mainchester - ppd.

Pitching Matchup

NS: John Folino (3-0, 0.45 ERA, 20 IP, 16 K, 2 BB)
KS: Sean Bierman (2-2, 3.70 ERA, 41.1 IP, 42 K, 13 BB)

Starting Lineups

Navs / Swamp Bats
Kuehl 2B/Grovatt 1B
Provencher RF/Chambers LF
McNaughton LF/Hicks RF
Belcher SS/Chester 3B
Graham 1B/Tremblay 2B
Pesanello C/Lee CF
Zurcher DH/Karmas DH
Geason 3B/Macias SS
Little CF/Valdez C

Live Updates

7:40 PM: Garton strikes out to end it. The Navs certainly didn't go down without a fight, no shame in losing a game like this. Final score: Keene 10, Navs 7

7:38 PM: Kuehl grounds to short, looks like Garton is going to pinch-hit here with two outs.

7:36 PM: Costello flies out to left for the first out.

7:33 PM: Prescott retires the side in order after the home run. Here's the Navs' last chance, James Wise is in to pitch for Keene. Looks like Matt Costello is going to be pinch-hitting for Little to start things off.

7:28 PM: Grovatt leads off the home half with a bomb to right-center off Chris Prescott. Keene 10, Navs 7

7:25 PM: Pesanello led off the inning with a single to left, but was thrown out trying to swipe second. Cote then retired Zurcher and Geason to end the top of the eighth.

7:17 PM: Pesanello threw out pinch runner Casey McGrew for the first out of the inning. Kowalski then retired the next two batters, including a strikeout of Valdez to end the inning.

7:13 PM: Kowalski is on to pitch for the Navs here in the bottom of the seventh.

7:07 PM: The expression goes, "third time's a charm." But what about the fifth? McNaughton drops another one over the left field fence, cutting the deficit to two. Keene 9, Navs 7

7:01 PM: Keene gets another run on a double steal, but with runners on the corners, Krull shuts them down. Prov-McNaughton-Belcher coming up in the 7th. Keene 9, Navs 6

6:58 PM: Here's the barn...

6:52 PM: With the bases loaded, a grounder off the bat of Hicks went just out of Geason's reach down the third base line. It deflected off his glove, and by the time Geason tracked it down, two more Keene runs came home. Keene 8, Navs 6

6:33 PM: Behind right-center field here in Keene, there is a barn. With Belcher on second, Pesanello put a ball between the two windows on the second floor of said barn. Score tied, 6-6

6:30 PM: Bierman's day is done, as another lefthander, Sean Tierney, is on to pitch for Keene.

6:26 PM: Markovitz gets it done, getting Lee to fly out to center, then striking out Karmas swinging.

6:19 PM: Keene has gotten to Folino again here in the fifth. A double by Chambers, a triple by Chester and a double by Tremblay have sent two runners across the plate. With one on and one out, Jason Markovitz is coming on in relief. Keene 6, Navs 4

6:11 PM: Provencher just sent one a couple rows of cars deep in the parking lot. 'Nuff said. Tie game, 4-4

6:05 PM: The Navs' defense gets it done in the fourth. A nice diving stab by Geason, a good jump on a line drive from Little, and a runner thrown out at second by Pesanello to get the job done.

5:56 PM: Deja Vu! Pesanello missed a home run by a couple of feet in his first at bat, but wouldn't be denied this time, dropping one beyond the left field fence. Keene 4, Navs 3

5:53 PM: BOMB! McNaughton crushes the first pitch he sees over the left-center field fence. Keene 4, Navs 2

5:50 PM: And Folino does just that! Two strikeouts and a nice play by Geason on a slow roller send the Swamp Bats down in order.

5:42 PM: Navs down in order in the third. Let's see if Folino can keep Keene off the board, with North Shore's 3-4-5 hitters up next inning.

5:38 PM: Valdez led off the bottom of the second with an opposite-field shot, but Folino prevented any further damage, striking out two in the process. Keene 4, Navs 1

5:31 PM: The Navs respond in the second, as with one out, Graham reached on an error by Macias at short. Pesanello followed with a wall-ball double, hit to the deepest part of the park. With runners then on second and third, Zurcher grounded to second, allowing Graham to score the Navs' first run. Keene 3, Navs 1

5:20 PM: The first three Swamp Bat runners reached base, putting a run in and men on first and third. Chester grounded into a double play that plated another run, and then Tremblay hit a solo shot to right-center. McNaughton was able to prevent any further damage, throwing out Lee at home to prevent any further damage. Keene 3, Navs 0

5:08 PM: Kuehl, Prov, and McNaughton go down in order. Folino will look to do the same to the Keene lineup here in the bottom of the inning.

5:03 PM: Kuehl is on his way to the dish, here we go...

4:52 PM: The coaches are out to exchange lineup cards, and Folino is warming up in the pen behind us. Almost ready to get underway!

4:25 PM: The Navs just finished taking infield, and now the Keene players are going to work, preparing the home plate area for play. The first pitch should be coming in just over a half hour.


Anonymous said...

why does the internet broadcast sound so bad?

Anonymous said...

YES - I'm glad to see that the Nav's bat's are alive again....keep them going strong!!!

Anonymous said...

That must be one FUN park to hit in!!!

DaveCo said...

hahaha.....I love how Frank hit one through the windows in the barn.
Let's go Navs!

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be funny to put a big "X" marks the spot on the barn haha...

Anybody have a camera to take a picture so us lonely folks at home can see the barn??

Zander said...

Neither Joe J or I has our camera with us today... but we've found a picture on the Keene website that will work. We'll try to get it up in just a second.

Joe Grav said...

Crap, man, this is crazy.

Anonymous said...

I really am annoyed that the anouncer feels the need to mute everything during breaks and that the audio is so poor.

Anonymous said...

They have had it muted all year long... that's just how it is... I'm just thankful to have them there to annouce.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the picture - the fence sure doesn't look very high -How deep is the field?

Zander said...

The fence is much shorter than Fraser's, maybe 9-10 feet off the ground.

It's 330 down the line in left, which isn't too out of the ordinary. But the left-center power alley is only 352, and it just gets shorter from there as it moves to dead center. The right-center field scoreboard is somewhere between 305 and 320.

Down the line in right is 354, that's about the only place where it's hard to hit a home run here.

DaveCo said...

Great first season.
Glad they went down swinging.

Anonymous said...

THANKS ALL FOR EVERYTHING - I'm glad they "came back to life" for the final game:)

Joe Grav said...


Anonymous said...

Its must be an omen, Clarke didn't do well at all this year.

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