Saturday, August 2, 2008

LIVE: Keene shuts out Navs in Game 1

KEE 0 0 0 / 1 0 0 / 0 0 0 - 1 5 1
NSR 0 0 0 / 0 0 0 / 0 0 0 - 0 5 2

9:11 PM: Swing and a miss, the game is over.

9:09 PM: Belcher hits a deep fly to right, 2nd out - Provencher tags and reaches 3rd. The throw skipped past the 3B, but the shortstop was there to back it up. The game is on Garton now.

9:08 PM: Kuehl bunts him over to 2nd.

9:06 PM: Provencher reaches to lead off the inning with a base hit to left!!

9:03 PM: Reliever James Wise in to close for Keene - I'm personally stunned that they pulled Meagher, who confounded the Navs for 8 shutout innings today.

9:02 PM: We go to the bottom of the ninth.

8:56 PM: ...and he hits into a double play. :( We go to the 9th. Changes: Belcher to SS, Geason in at 3rd base. Costello still pitching.

8:54 PM: Zurcher punches a 1-out single and is lifted for pinch-runner Jesse Bruinsma. McNaughton up...

8:49 PM: Bottom of the 8th - top of the order up - time to get it going!

8:44 PM: Hill squibs it down to first base - the inning is over, and the frustration continues. Costello is back out there to start the 8th.

8:41 PM: Graham picks up the Navs' first extra-base hit of the game, a 2-out rip into the corner in left field - he stands at 2nd base with 2 outs for John Hill.

8:35 PM: Costello fans two more in the 7th (7 Ks overall)... on to the home half

8:29 PM: A 7-pitch 6th inning - Meagher continues to impress. Through 6 innings, it's still 1-0 Keene.

8:28 PM: Meagher Ks Provencher - his 6th strikeout of the game.

8:24 PM: A nice, quick 6th inning for Costello - time to get him some run support!

8:19 PM: Zurch hits a looper to right-center, but Lee tracks it down... the Navs threaten but do not score in the 5th.

8:18 PM: With 2 outs, Little executes a perfect hit and run, scorching a base hit to left. 1st + 3rd, 2 out for Zurcher.

8:15 PM: Garton gets it started the right way, ripping a base hit to left center.

8:12 PM: Costello strikes him out looking at the knees! That's 5 Ks for Costello... and at the halfway point, it's 1-0 'Bats.

8:10 PM: Chambers bats with two outs and Macias on third base.

8:03 PM: Meagher continues to quickly mow through the Navs batting order, much to the delight of the large Swamp Bats traveling contingent. Through four full, it's 1-0 Swamp Bats.

7:59 PM: Casey McGrew hits a grounder down to first base; Graham makes a sweet scoop and takes it to the bag for the final out of the 4th.

7:56 PM: Chester rips a base hit up the middle, scoring Evan Chambers to make it 1-0 Keene.

7:49 PM: McNaughton grounds out to third, stranding two runners in scoring position.

7:47 PM: With 1 out, Zurcher rolls a bunt down the third base line; he's just barely thrown out. The runners move up to 2nd & 3rd w/ 2 out for McNaughton.

7:43 PM: Wow... Hill knocks it up the middle toward second base - Tremblay ranges over to play it, boots it, and it falls to the ground, allowing the first two men of the inning to reach.

7:43 PM: Graham lines a base hit to right, the Navs' first hit.

7:41 PM: One pitch, one out to Grovatt, and the inning is over.

7:41 PM: Macias grounds out to short to end the K-streak.

7:40 PM: Valdes strikes out swinging. This is getting funny now.

7:36 PM: Meagher strikes out the side - wow! Through two quick innings, we're scoreless.

7:34 PM: The backwards-K streak ends, but Belcher goes down swinging for the second out.

7:32 PM: Tyler Kuehl becomes the third consecutive batter to strike out looking. At times like these, I randomly wonder what the record is for most guys striking out looking in a row.

7:30 PM: Costello gives up a base hit to Trembley, then battles back with two straight Ks to end the inning.

7:19 PM: Provencher grounds out to short to end the first.

7:17 PM: Meagher gives McNaughton nothing but breaking balls, and strikes him out swinging on a curve off the outside corner.

7:15 PM: Zurcher works a one out walk to become the game's first baserunner.

7:10 PM: Nice and quick! Costello mows down Grovatt, Chambers, and Hicks in order to get the game started off right.

7:09 PM: The first batter of the game, Dan Grovatt, flies out to left.

7:04 PM: Kudos to Navigators intern Lauren Darrah for her rendition of the national anthem.

7:02 PM: The teams have been introduced, the national anthems performed... and we're just about ready for baseball here in game one.

6:44 PM: Host families are being honored in an on-field ceremony.

6:35 PM: Starting lineups -

Keene / NS
Dan Grovatt 1B / Justin Little CF
Evan Chambers DH / Chad Zurcher SS
Cliff Hicks LF / Sean McNaughton LF
Josh Chester 3B / Mike Provencher RF
Chris Tremblay 2B / Tyler Kuehl 2B
Alex Lee CF / Nick Belcher 3B
Casey McGrew RF / Josh Garton DH
Franco Valdes C / Kent Graham 1B
Jose Macias SS / John Hill C

Tommy Meagher RHP / Matt Costello LHP

6:11 PM: Game 1 of the Quarterfinals between Keene and North Shore at Fraser Field is currently in a weather delay. They are currently aiming to start the game at 7 PM.

Elsewhere in the playoffs:
Vermont @ Sanford, 6:30
Manchester @ Newport, 6:35
North Adams @ Pittsfield, 7


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, Joe we are on are way from Beverly!!! I thought this game would not happen. See all of you in a bit! Go Navs! :) :)
Dave D. :)

(First I have to hit Chandler's ice cream in Peabody) lol lol ;)

Anonymous said...

GO NAV'S!!!!!!!!!!!

Joe Grav said...

See you at the park Dave!

Anonymous said...

More strike outs than hits, something has got it happen..

Anonymous said...

Wonderful performance by Matt Costello - Come on Nav's let's get some runs.

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