Thursday, June 19, 2008

The continuing adventures of the North Shore Navigators...

On to leg 3 of the road trip!

-Can the Navigators (6-3) close in on the first place Keene Swamp Bats (7-1)?
-Will Keene's park have internet access?
-Will Coach Falcon finally give in and let the team watch The Mighty Ducks on the bus?

Answers to all these questions AND MORE! tonight on the Navs blog, as North Shore takes on one of the league standard-bearers, Keene. Mike DiCato (1-0, 3.00) takes on James Wise (2-0, 0.00).

North Shore Stats - Keene Stats

We're getting on the bus now... I hope to see you on the other side with a game post.

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