Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Off day

I hate off days so early in a baseball season, whether it be the Red Sox, the Navs, or, over the past few years, the Spirit.

In the first few weeks of a new season, it's fun trying to figure out the personality of a team.

We haven't learned too much about the Navigators yet. We've seen three solid starts, which were encouraging; but we still have to meet two more starters, as well as a number of other players who have yet to make their season debuts. We still don't know if Beau Brooks is coming or not (we should be able to find out tomorrow). There's a lot to learn.

They'll be getting back into the swing of things tomorrow night, taking the season's first road trip -a journey to Sanford, Maine. Hopefully, that will be where they find their bats.

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