Tuesday, June 17, 2008


From emailer Jim:

Q: Is the pitchers mound built with red brick clay? How well does the field and pitchers mound hold up to all the rain that you guys are having?

A (Joe Gravellese): That’s a good question. I’m not sure what the pitcher’s mound is made of – I’ll ask next time I’m at the park. The field holds up remarkably well, as the infield is made of synthetic ‘grassy turf’ thanks to the previous tenants at Fraser. The outfield drains remarkably well, and the mound looks good thanks to the efforts of the grounds crew.

Thanks for the support for Navs baseball.


From an anonymous commenter

Q: Just an FYI that Carey baseball academy is the same week for the same $ and longer hours, as well as, the project learn program. I would sign my son up but already committed to the other programs. If you would consider changing it to last week in July I would do it.

A (Joe Gravellese): I passed your message along to Phil and I will post something here as soon as I hear anything back.


From an anonymous commenter:

So far you've complained about the fans, attendance and between inning entertainment. And you represent the team. AND, let me guess, you go to B.C.


Thanks for your comment. The idea behind the 'live in-game thread' is to give you the feeling of actually being there at the game. It's supposed to be fun. I can't speak for the others, but I try not to take myself too seriously here. I like to include snarky/humorous comments on the game blog.

I also am not going to be a propaganda officer - if there is nobody in attendance, I will say so; if the team played poorly, I will say so. This blog is supposed to take you 'inside the team.' If you aren't getting truthful statements here, you're not really getting 'inside' anything. I wasn't 'complaining' about the attendance, I was pointing out how few people there were. It's one of the pieces of information that I feel important to pass along.

Finally, I absolutely will pump up Kowalski and BC, just as I'd expect Steve, Joe J., and Zander to pump up Uconn, Indiana, and Miami respectively. After all, this is the New England COLLEGIATE Baseball League - and school pride is what college sports are all about.

Thanks for supporting the Navs and reading the blog.



We used to take our kids to Fraser Field to watch the Spirit play and really enjoyed the atmosphere. What is it like now with the Navigators? Are there events for the kids and can you get food and drinks (non alcohol of course)

Thank you

Bill from Nahant

A (Joe Gravellese):

Hello, and thanks for your question. We’re only a few games into the season, so time will tell what the atmosphere will be like throughout the year. As far as events for the kids, we’re always doing giveaways and on-field between innings games. The mascot Is also always out and about taking pictures. In the last two games, we had a balloon animal expert going through the crowd, making things for kids.

We have a wide selection of food and beverages (with or without alcohol). Feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Thanks again,


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DaveCo said...

Yeah....that outfield has some kind of special draining thing that helps it dry up faster (according to brent connely),and the turf stays realtively dry--we've seen the entire sides of it dry up in like 30 minutes or so before after huge downpours.
Believe me....I know Joe pretty well,this guy has no problem telling people when a team isn't doing well,when attendance is low,etc.
If you want the truth on the game,what happens at the field, and anything else then I'd listen to Joe...

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