Sunday, June 1, 2008

Navs arriving in less than two hours...

Here's how things are going down today:
  • At around noon, the team will show up and be assigned their uniforms, bags, pants, etc.
  • The team will then meet with us, have their pictures taken, and answer a few questions for their online bios.
  • Then they will meet with their host families and head out to move in for the summer.
  • There will be a reception dinner tonight for the team.
Check back throughout the day for updates. The bios will be up this afternoon on the main website.


Anonymous said...

What events will they be attending this week?

Anonymous said...

Would like to attend Media Day tomorrow night - June 2, 2008. Could you please let us know what time it will begin and if it will be open to the public?? Thanks! GO NAVS!

Joe Grav said...

It's at 10 AM, and it is open to the public.

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