Thursday, June 5, 2008

Mailbag: June 5, 2008

Here at the Navs blog, we're committed to answering your questions as the season approaches. You can leave your questions in the comments, email any one of us, or IM us at "NSNAVS" on AIM. Here are some recent questions and answers:
Anonymous: As noted in the media day article, there will be a program book in the Daily Item. When will this be available?? What will be in it?

Joe Gravellese: As far as I know, the Item program book will be available at Opening Day, but I might be wrong on that. I'll post a correction if I'm wrong. The book will contain player biographies, a scorecard, and features on Phil Rosenfield, the NECBL, Fraser Field, Navs' special events, and a few other articles.
Dave Riley (Lynn): I like the names Navi Gator, Skipper, and (just) Gator better then Chomps...

Joe Gravellese: Too bad. :)
Dave Riley (Lynn): ok, about "Jonathan"?

Joe Gravellese: No.
David D.: Is it reserved seating or general admission? I can't seem to figure that one out. Thanks.

Joe Jasinski: Good question, Dave. The answer is BOTH. Fraser Field is comprised of both bleacher seats and "seat back" seats. The bleachers are general admission, while the seat backs are reserved seating. The difference in price between these two types of seats is only a couple bucks.

Keep the questions coming, folks! We've got answers!

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DaveCo said...

"Here are some recent questions and answers:"

Mine wasn't really a was just an opinion & then me and Joe being stupid.Get your labeling right, man.... =p

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