Saturday, June 28, 2008

Live updates - Navs vs. Vermont, 6/28/2008 - 7 PM

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North Shore Navigators (11-5) (Stats) (75 runs, 48 allowed) (Pythagorean WL: 11-5) vs.
Vermont Mountaineers (7-7)
(Stats) (47 runs, 46 allowed) (Pythagorean WL: 7-7)



-9:28 PM: McCrann Ks and the game is over. The rally comes up short, 3-2.

-9:27 PM: Graham strikes out. McCrann is pinch hitting for Geason with 2 out.

-9:26 PM: Infield in.

-9:25 PM: Hill's successful sac bunt moves the tying run to 3rd.

-9:23 PM: John Hill is pinch hitting for McConnell.

-9:22 PM: Kuehl rattles it into the rightfield corner for another double! 2 runs score and the tying run is at 2nd with 0 out for John Hill!

-9:21 PM: Belcher's solid contact finally pays off - he doubles to the wall to put runners on 2nd and 3rd for Kuehl.

-9:20 PM: Rally caps! Provencher reaches to start the 9th. Fans are making a lot of noise at the moment.

-9:17 PM: Prescott escapes further damage. "The Final Countdown" is booming from the PA system... it's time for a 9th inning rally.

-9:08 PM: Ogrinc hits a single through the drawn in infield to make it 3-0 Vermont.

-9:06 PM: Uh oh. Duffy drops a sac bunt and Prescott's throw to 1st was dropped by Graham, loading the bases with nobody out.

-9:05 PM: Vermont has put the first two runners on against Prescott.

-9:03 PM: Nope. Still 1-0 thru 8. Prescott is on here in the 9th.

VIDEO: Little grounds out to end the 8th.

-8:55 PM: Markovitz continues his own scoreless streak by blanking Vermont in the 8th. Time for runs?

-8:44 PM: Jason Markovitz is on the hill for North Shore here in the 8th. Gallo gives up 1 run on 5 hits over 7. He is on the hook.

-8:43 PM: Graham and Geason ground out to end the tinning and the leadoff hit is squandered.

-8:42 PM: McConnell bunts over Kuehl, bringing up Graham.

-8:40 PM: Kuehl greets Odenbach with a base hit up the middle to lead off the inning.

-8:38 PM: A break for the Navs? Dusty Odenbach is in to pitch here in the 7th... Harman leaves after six dominant innings (4 H 0 R 6 K).

-8:37 PM: Gallo pitches a scoreless 7th, and it's stretch time. The Navs have to hurry up and find some runs. Harman's shutout streak is 24 innings so far to start the season... he's making an early claim for title for best pitcher in the league.

-8:29 PM:...but Belcher's unlucky streak continues, hitting it hard but right at the rightfielder to end the inning.

-8:27 PM: Provencher picks up a 2 out single in the home half of the 6th.

-8:20 PM: The Navs flash some leather of their own - Kyle Geason comes in and makes a sweet play on a bunt by Roof to retire him for the 2nd out of the inning. His bat hasn't quite come around yet, but he's making some outstanding plays in the field.

-8:15 PM: Kent Graham can't buy a break. He hits a hard grounder up the middle but SS Greg Sherry robs him, ranging to his left to make the play. 1-0 VT, Top 6.

-8:01 PM: Chomps is out working the crowd. Three mascots are present today: Chomps, the Chick fil A Cow, and Spike, the Mass. Mad Dogs mascot.

-7:57 PM: Matt Duffy's 5th RBI of the season makes it 1-0 Vermont in the top 4.

-7:47 PM: Sean McNaughton gets a base hit, but is caught stealing. Little then follows with hit of his own, but is stranded at first when Provencher grounds out. Scoreless thru 3 full.

-7:37 PM: Still no score in the 3rd; the mist and fog is getting pretty bad now.

-7:22 PM: Vermont gets another runner to 3rd base, and Sherry hits a grounder well to the left of Tyler Kuehl, but Kuehl ranged over, scooped it, spun, and made the throw to first. It's still scoreless entering the home half of the 2nd.

-7:03 PM: Vermont puts two on in the top of the first but Gallo gets out of the jam. Oaks hit a high fly ball to center that looked poised to score Roof from third base, but Justin Little's rocket throw forced him back.

-6:56 PM: It's cloudy and misty and windy - not exactly baseball weather - but we're underway at Fraser Field. Sadly, the weather has kept down what was expected to be a pretty high attendance figure tonight. It's still a decent crowd, considering the weather - probably around 200.

-6:55 PM: Tonight's pitching matchup:
Mike Gallo (2-0, 1.88 ERA, 4 G, 2 GS, 14.1 IP, 12 H, 3 R, 13 K, 8 BB) vs.
Casey Harman (2-0, 0.00 ERA, 3 G, 3 GS, 18.0 IP, 7 H, 0 R, 22 K, 6 BB)


Christine said...

Thanks for the update! Good thing I checked the blog today. Let's just hope that the weather holds out for tonight. See you at the game! :)

Anonymous said...

LOL!!!! Joe, I am so glad that I just signed on to check the weather. I was going to get in the shower, put on my N.S. Spirits cap, grab my score book and head over at 5:30pm. That just bought me a half hour of relaxation time! LOL :) Ahhhhhh :)
Dave D.

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