Saturday, June 7, 2008

"Former" Navigator Lanigan drafted by Twins

The Navigators received some good / bad news today - depending on how you look at it. Righthanded pitcher Robert Lanigan of Adelphi Univ., who had been listed on the Navs roster until Friday, was drafted as the 92nd pick overall by the Minnesota Twins in the 3rd round of the 2008 Major League Baseball Draft.

We'd like to congratulate Lanigan on his accomplishment, and assuming he signs with the Twins, wish him the best of luck in his professional endeavors.

Unfortunately, this means Lanigan is wiped off the Navigators' roster for the season. On the bright side, the team picked up three new players over the past couple days: John Hill and Jason Markowitz of Long Beach State Univ., and Mike Gallo of Lake City Community College and a Peabody native.

So long Mr. Lanigan, we hardly knew ya...

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