Friday, July 25, 2008

Two, Navigator Style

The recent deluge upon New England has wreaked havoc on the NECBL schedule.

I have heard of twi-night doubleheaders, regular doubleheaders, day-night doubleheaders, two-stadium doubleheaders (Yankees/Mets) and, thanks to the NECBL, two-team doubleheaders, with the host taking on two different squads in one day.

But over the next 24 hours the Navs will embark upon something I've never seen before: a two-state doubleheader.

Following tonight's home game against Sanford, the Navs will board a bus to Keene, NH and will stay there overnight. They will take on the Swamp Bats at 11 AM before getting on the bus and coming home to face Vermont at 6 PM.

It's the start of a very busy period for the Navs. On Tuesday, they will play two 7-inning games against the Lowell All-Americans at Fraser, with game one starting at 4 PM. North Shore then travels to Holyoke on Wednesday for a single game on Wednesday night, then a pair of games on Thursday, both played at Holyoke's McKenzie Field: vs. Torrington at 3 PM, and their regularly scheduled game vs. Holyoke at 6:30 PM.

Are you confused yet?

It could be worse - Tonight, Holyoke hosts Vermont in a (really) Tripleheader starting at 4:30.
The Sox have to follow that up with another doubleheader tomorrow in Lowell.

In total, the league's twelve teams will play 10 games tonight.
Vermont @ Holyoke, 430
Vermont @ Holyoke, 7
Vermont @ Holyoke, 930
Keene @ Lowell, 5
Keene @ Lowell, 8
Danbury @ Torrington, 5
Danbury @ Torrington, 8
Sanford @ North Shore, 7
Newport @ North Adams, 7
Manchester @ Pittsfield, 7

Tomorrow is a slow day, with "only" nine games:
North Shore @ Keene, 11 AM
Holyoke @ Lowell, 5 PM
Holyoke @ Lowell, 8 PM
Newport @ Torrington, 5 PM
Newport @ Torrington, 8 PM
Vermont @ North Shore, 6 PM
Sanford @ Keene, 7 PM
Danbury @ Manchester, 7 PM
North Adams @ Pittsfield, 7 PM

Then, after a reasonably normal Sunday and Monday, there's another ten on Tuesday:
Lowell @ North Shore, 4 PM
Lowell @ North Shore, 7 PM
Sanford @ Vermont, 4 PM
Sanford @ Vermont, 6:30 PM
Danbury @ Manchester, 4:30 PM
Danbury @ Manchester, 7:30 PM
Pittsfield @ Torrington, 5 PM
Pittsfield @ Torrington, 8 PM
North Adams @ Newport, 6:30 PM
Holyoke @ Keene, 7 PM

I'm glad I'm not in charge of scheduling all of these games.

The marathon kicks off tonight at 7 as the Navs take on Sanford in a battle for first place - keep it here for updates!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update about the league - I knew that they had some games to make up, but had no idea soooo many

Steve DelVecchio said...

Hahahahahaha I just noticed the heading of this article...classic

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